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Attractions in Baguio, Philippines

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Baguio is considered one of the best cities a tourist can go to for tourism in the Philippines. While it certainly has a plethora of tourist attractions many tourists seem to have difficulty in finding some interesting tourist destinations, and hence this list provides a list of some of the best tourist attractions that are present in Baguio city.

Lady of the Lourdes is situated close to the BenCab Museum. The Our Lady of the Lourdes Grotto is availble by pilgrims needing to climb 252 steps to reach it. The shrine also offers amazing views of the mountainsides since it is located on a high elevation.

Located on Asin Road, the Ben cab museum is another famous tourist destination and is more attractive for those with an interest in art. National artist Benedicto Cabrera also presents his paintings in this museum and adds to the popularity of the museum. Plus, there’s a large number of paintings that are present related to erotica art.

Phillipine Military Academy which was established in the 19th century also proves as a wonderful tourist destination for many tourists. While its primary purpose is to provide training to military cadets as well as other higher military officers, it also serves as a wonderful opportunity for tourists to get a peek into a normal Phillipine military cadet. A museum by the same name also serves as a tourist place which proves souvenirs and artifacts regarding the development of the Phillipine Army and other developments of the Nation as well as acting as another tourist attractions in Baguio.

The Wright Park offers the opportunity for children and adults alike to ride horses and enjoy the lush greenry that is present in the area. It also consists of a ‘pool of pines’, named so because it has a vast pool that is surrounded by Pines on either sides giving a marvellous scenery.

The Mansion, another attraction in Baguio, which is located near the Wright Park mentioned above was built in 1908 and used to house successive American Governor Generals at the time when Philippines used to be a British colony.

The Baguio Cathedral, or Our Lady of Atonement cathedral is also another popular tourist attraction present in Baguio that was built by a Catholic Mission from Belgium and is unique for its pink color.

Burnham Park is another attraction that was built in tribute to the American architect by the same last name who made the initial plans for the city of Baguio, and this park encompasses more than 30 hectares from the center of the city and is near the City Hall.

In conclusion, the hilly landscape and the advantages of a cool temperature and scenic view make Baguio a perfect tourist destination to enjoy in the holidays. Baguio City also has a plethora of nature reserves, parks, and pine trees. From the the city center to the borders, there are numerous tourist attractions present in Baguio city that ultimately make it one of, if not the, best places to visit in the Philippines.

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