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Attractions in Baguio

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Baguio, is a beautiful city of Philippines. It is built on mountains, you will never regret after visiting this place. It is as a city of universities and resorts called as city of pines. Mostly people visit this place in summer because during summer season there is mostly an unusual cool weather. If you are thinking to travel to the city of pines “baguio” then you have chosen then your choice is awesome.

There are many places in Baguio where you can spend a beautiful vacation with your family and friends.  It’s a place where you can stay easily with kids.You will feel that you have paid for right thing to travel. It is full of amazing things. Most famous attractions in Baguio are given below

Burnham Park

Burnham park is truly considered as a heart of Baguio. If you are thinking it a small park with some special thing then you are wrong. It is situated in the area of 32.28 hectares. It is located in the center of the city which give it more value.

It has 12 cluster areas:

  1. Manmade lake with rowboats.
  2. Playground for children
  3. Skating rink
  4. Garden of roses
  5. The Orchidarium
  6. Igorot garden
  7. A picnic grove
  8. The athelic bowl
  9. The Japanese peace tower
  10. Pine tree of the world
  11. Sunshine park
  12. Burnham lagoon

I think these features are enough to make this park an attractive piece of land on Bagruio.

Session road

Session road is called as the commercial center of Baguio. It names as session because  it was the first ever site of Philippine commission’ first session. This is place is full of shops, offices, stores and many other commercial centers. You can visit this place for shopping with your family , you will see variety of different things that you may have not seen before in your city.

Baguio cathedral

Mostly people are not familiar with the name of it. It is actually named after the lady of Atonement. This beautiful church is located on the top of a hill which has increased its beauty. It is the most visited landmark of Baguio. If you are going for a visit to  this city then must not miss this place.

The mansion

The mansion is an official residence of Philippine president. It actually an historical place, older than the city itself. Inside this beautiful mansion there is a small museum housing memorabilia and a collection of art work. Within the compound there is a two story building which serves as a president’s residency. You must visit this place either.

Must visit

There are many more places in the city which is a source of attraction for the people who comes out of the city or country. Travelling toward this city is not a expensive thought. If you go these places and see the beauty around it, your heart will not let you go back to home. People and Baguio itself welcomes you to itself. You must come and see what beautiful things have been created by the God and man.

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