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Baguio Hotels

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Baguio, Philippines

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Baguio is an urbanized city in the Philippines that is found within the Cordillera Central Mountains.  The cool climate makes it one of the best places to vacation during the hotter months.

There are many wonderful hotels in Baguio that people can stay at during their vacation.  The Manor at Camp John Hay is filled with old world charm and guests enjoy the pine scented crisp mountain air during their stay.  The Manor was once a rest and recreation military facility and is set on 246 hectares of land.  Every guest is surrounded by nature as they explore the many activities available to them.  Another Baguio hotel is the Azalea Residences.  Each vacation apartment is complete with a kitchen, dining area and entertainment area.  Azalea Residences are very family friendly and have an upscale feel.  They have many vacation packages available, so that families and groups can have a vacation without the worries.

Many of the attractions that travelers want to see are located very near each other, which makes experiencing everything the city has to offer possible.  The Baguio Cathedral is officially called Our Lady of Atonement and it is located on top of a hill in the center of the city.  The Mansion is where the President of the Philippines spends the summer and it is directly across the street from Wright Park.  Inside Wright Park, travelers will be able to see The Pool of Pines as well as the Wright Park Riding Circle.  The riding circle is where people can rent horses and ponies to ride.  At the Baguio Botanical Garden, people can see many native houses from different Cordillera tribes.  The Asin Hot Springs are outside the city limits, but they are a must see destination for everyone.  People can enjoy the benefits of a soak in the natural hot springs as they are relishing their time in the city.

Travelers who enjoy shopping will want to visit the Baguio Market and the Maharlika Livelihood Center.  There are many bargains to be found in these areas.  However, shoppers do not need to worry, because there are numerous other shopping centers throughout the city, so everyone can find something perfect to purchase.

The nightlife in Baguio is not limited to just single bars and restaurants, although those places are fabulous.  There are many areas of Baguio with multiple bars that are very popular at night as well.  Within Nevada Square, there are over a dozen bars for people to choose from and it is not uncommon to start at one and then go to another a couple of hours later.  Kwago Bar is another unique place as it is located in the same building as the Cardeli Café.  The room is divided in two with the café on one side and the bar on the other.  The only downside to the Kwago Bar is that is closes at midnight.

Baguio is a magnificent city to visit for a vacation.  There is plenty for travelers to see and do while they are enjoying the views of both the city and countryside.  Anyone who travels to Baguio will have the experience of a lifetime.

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