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Sightseeing in Baguio

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Travelling and sightseeing are the most relaxing activities to do. Additionally, the places you wish to visit should also be worth it because sightseeing is an experience that liberates you from the everyday traffic that bugs your mind processes.

Baguio also called the ‘City of Pines’ is a mountainous terrain that is particularly popular for an unusually cool weather in the summers. In the city, there is an abundance of pine trees, forest reserves, parks. The city also offers a sweeping view to places within the center of the city and at the outskirts of it as well.

Moreover, the city has a unique socio-cultural flavor because of the influences of a combination of cultures. Baguio being a city that has a mix of attractions that are both natural and historical, also incorporate elements from different cultures like American, Spanish, and Cordilleran that enhances the cultural experience. Subsequently, the cultural experience broadens the parameters for social interaction and social growth.

Because Baguio is such an interesting place with so many places that await new people; there are numbers of tourists coming to the city for sightseeing. The central tourist attractions in Baguio are in the business district of Baguio. The attractions include parks, military institutions, historical monuments and shopping areas.

Following is a list of the few attractions in Baguio:

  1. City Hall Baguio: The City Hall Building in Baguio is located at the center of the Baguio city. The building was constructed in 1949-1950 and houses Baguio’s City Government. Considered as a building with a devastating past; it stands today with a much stronger structure made of concrete and wood. The building has an important history that is recounted as ‘a building that was destroyed during World War II’.
  2. Burnham Park: The Burnham Park is a Baguio attraction which is worth seeing. The park was designed by and named after a Chicago-based artist Daniel H. Burnham. The idea of designing and re-mapping Baguio came up when the artist/ urban planner visited Baguio in 1904. The park encompasses 32 hectares within the center of the city, just a few minutes away from City Hall. The park is connected to a lake called ‘The Burnham Lake’ where boating is done for fun and enjoyment.
  3. Mines View Park: The Mines View Park tops the choice of tourists. It is the only spot that lets the tourists have a far-reaching view of the sceneries that are there. You get to see the mountain ranges that were known for being mined for gold and other ores. This place and the experience it offers you only through looking is without a doubt the most relaxing and a satisfying one.
  4. The Mansion: The Mansion House is a beautiful mansion that was constructed in 1908. This mansion accommodated a succession of American governor-generals. Presently, it is an official accommodation for the President of Philippine in the summers. The mansion is a cool place and allows one to work in the heat-free

With so many interesting places one should definitely visit Baguio to have a fun time.

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