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Baguio Hotels

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Welcome in Baguio

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This summer you must plan to travel Baguio. It is one the fine and beautiful city on the mountain of Philippines. Eye catching sceneries and breathe holding destinations for the tourists. Once it was a small hill station and now it has become the most popular city for the tourist where every year thousands of tourists visit. Especially during summer there is rush of visitors from out of city and out of country as well.

Stay in Baguio’s hotels

As it is one of the cities which is always busy and full of visitors from all around the world. People have opened luxurious hotels for them to earn profits. A number of hotel’s are here were you can stay with your families with an affordable amount. If you want something extra then it is also available. According to an estimations there are almost 47 hotels in Baguio. Some of the famous hotel’s names are:

  • The Manor at camp john hay
  • Holiday park hotel
  • Bloom field hotel
  • Venus Parkview hotel

Some beautiful places in Baguio

There are many places in the Baguio and every day you can visit a new place.

Eastern weaving room

Eastern weaving room is a source of attraction for visitors where they can see traditional techniques of weaving of cordillera region in the Philippines. It open for 7 days a week where you can see the actual traditional way of weaving clothes as it used practiced by the natives  and still continued. It is an interesting place for you. Must visit!

Bell church

If you love visiting unique and  historical place then Baguio is full of it. Bell church is one the place which you will never forget. Within the compound of the church there are flags , dragon and bells which make it look more historic and attractive. Some Buddhist artifacts are also present within the church including literature about its history. It not only sounds interesting, it is actually the place you are looking for.

Botanical Garden

In the city of pines one of the green parks is Botanical Garden. You must be thinking what is the big deal? Well it is one of the prime pieces of real estate. The way it is designed is itself welcoming note for the visitors. If you have travelled with your family and you have kids then they will love this place.

Why only Baguio?

As this is not it. You can find many other places of your interest. As it is one of the most visited city of Philippines. There are many places in Baguio where you can spend a beautiful vacation with your family and friends.  It’s a place where you can stay easily with kids. You will feel that you have paid for right thing to travel. Travelling toward this city is not a expensive thought. If you go these places and see the beauty around it, your heart will not let you go back to home. People and Baguio itself welcomes you to itself

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