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Top Attractions in Baguio

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The Philippines is a widely known and popular tourist resort that offers a lot of opportunities and attractions for its tourist and locals alike. However, one city, in particular, Baguio City, is probably known to have the most visitor attractions clustered in one small area compared to all other tourist spots in the Philippines.
Just within walking distance from many Baguio accommodations, parks, shopping centers and hotels in Baguio, the city offers its visitors a various number of Baguio attractions set in its unique mix of natural and historical attractions presented in an exceptional socio-cultural flavor.

City Hall Building

Every tourist’s tour within the city center must always start at the City Hall. Construction of this building started in 1949, and this structure replaced the one built in 1910 during the term of E.W. Reynolds, the first city mayor. The 1910 building was destroyed during the Second World War in 1945, and so construction on its second structure began following the end of the War.

Burnham Park

This Park is the very heart of Baguio city and to this very day remains one of Philippines’ most well-known and best-loved parks. It serves a vibrant center of activity for everyone to enjoy and is built in such a way that the famous Baguio City Market surrounds it on all sides. It offers boating, cycling, skating areas, sports and gaming areas and a lot of options to eat from, as well as much more to everybody.

Baguio City Market

Also known as the Baguio City Public Market or the Abanao Market, this market might just offer you the best strawberries in the World! There is no other place in the Philippines than the Baguio City Market that offers a wide range of fruits in such abundance and quality as well as at the most cheapest of prices.

Mines View Park

This park located in the outskirts of Baguio offers a spectacular and breathtaking view of Benguet’s mountain ranges where gold, silver, copper and other ores were once mined. There are so many commercial activities for tourists and visitors to now choose from at Mines View as well. Mines View Park offers souvenir items and silverworks within the area and is best known for its silver jewelry. Rimando’s at Mines View, on the Gibraltar side, gives the most exciting carved artifacts’ deals.

Baguio Botanical Garden

Also known as the Igorot Village, the Garden has a wide range of flowering, herbal, and decorative plants combined with a wide range of pine trees. Some plants here are even for sale. Just a kilometer away from the city center with pocket gardens inside it dedicates to Baguio’s sister cities, a network of Japanese tunnels, areas with planted pine tree seedlings, and a small row of souvenir stalls selling native handicrafts, Baguio provides an area of priceless peace and tranquility to a city that is in danger of becoming an urban jungle. The Baguio Botanical Garden is also the most happening place for tribal gatherings and rituals, as well as open-air concerts and many other activities.
These are just a few of the many Baguio attractions that the city has to offer. With our list of attractions in Baguio above, we hope to have solved all your Baguio problems and hope that you have the best Baguio City experience ever.

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